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Corporate Citizenship

Current Stats: Founded in 1939; HQ in Palo Alto, CA; led by President and CEO Dion Weisler; 55k employees; HP Sustainability Twitter account has19.5k followers; $58.5 BILLION in revenue (2018); Dow Jones Sustainability Indices & 8 other organizations rank HP as one of the world’s most sustainable companies

Hobbies: Winning the 2019 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award; Celebrating their diverse Board of Directors – the most diverse board among top tech companies; Registering 26+ patents in 2018; boasting an incredible 73% engagement rate among employees

What’s Up: HP’s sustainability strategy focuses on Planet, People, & Community. The company is working toward a more efficient, circular, and low-carbon economy.

HP is exceptionally transparent about their progress in reaching their serious sustainability goals. Achieving zero deforestation with HP paper and paper-based product packaging, recycling 1.2 million tons of hardware and supplies, and transitioning to 100% renewable electricity are just a few of their many ambitious goals. 

Why We’re Smitten: In 2018, HP’s Sustainable Impact programs drove more than $900 Million in new revenue! 

We couldn’t find a better example of #Profit4Good! 

The company is focused on a positive social impact and making money on the journey. We’re totally smitten with HP!